WordPress 5.5 updates and improvements
Kowsic Sriram
Posted by Kowsic Sriram
August 18, 2020

WordPress 5.5 – New features, New Opportunities

We are so much excited to write about the WordPress 5.5, the latest stable version released this month across the globe. We all very well aware of the robustness and might of WordPress. However, the technology pattern is evolving every day. This version update addressed some little lacks in the previous version and fortified the WordPress castle.

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Posted by Editor
July 7, 2020

23 Best HTML Admin Templates for your next project

In many large web-related projects, there is the need of an admin templates or dashboard. These are very time consuming to make and often neglected because the website visitors will not see them anyway.  However, considering this is one of the pages the website owners will look at on a daily basis; it is not such a bad idea to pay more attention to this admin page as well.

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