Top 16 free HTML templates to boost your business website

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In today’s digital age, having a visually appealing and user-friendly website is crucial for the success of any business. HTML templates provide a convenient and efficient way to enhance your business website. These pre-designed free HTML templates offer a wide range of customizable options to suit your specific needs, whether you’re looking to create an e-commerce platform, showcase your portfolio, or establish an informative blog website.

In this blog post, we will explore a collection of free HTML templates that are guaranteed to give your business website a professional and captivating look, helping you attract more visitors and boost your online presence.

Busye – Business Website Template

Stop the design frenzy, Busye’s here! Introducing your new favorite free HTML template, crafted for both nimble startups and established corporate giants. Whether you’re launching your dream project or revamping your online presence, Busye empowers you to build a stunning website without breaking the bank (or the coding sweat).

Forget the endless search for a template that ticks all the boxes – its beautiful, responsive, lightweight, and its easy to customize. Busye’s responsive design automatically adapts to any screen size, ensuring your brand shines brightly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Showcase your logo with pride and let your unique essence speak for itself. The intuitive pricing table section helps you present your offerings in a clear and compelling way, making every value proposition shine.

But Busye doesn’t stop there. This feature-packed, free HTML template comes loaded with everything you need to build a dynamic, engaging website. From eye-catching call-to-action buttons to versatile content sections, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to craft a digital home that reflects your brand’s story.

Live demo:

Busye template

Nice Admin free HTML template

NiceAdmin stands out as a robust admin and dashboard template built on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. Featuring a clean and user-friendly design, it prioritizes an intuitive user experience.

NiceAdmin includes a wealth of reusable and aesthetically pleasing UI elements and components, such as tables, charts, login forms, registration forms, profile pages, and more. It seamlessly adapts to any application or project you are developing.

The NiceAdmin template features a completely responsive layout, ensuring flawless display across a range of modern screens and resolutions, including regular desktops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and smaller mobile devices.

niceadmin template



UpConstruction – one of the Free HTML Templates available

UpConstruction is a construction website template with a light and clean design, crafted using the bootsrape framework. Which Perfect for construction companies, architects, interior and exterior designers, builders and other related services, this template showcases a beautiful and distinctive design to enhance your online presence.

UpConstruction is completely responsive and presents an appealing design across various devices, whether it’s a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android mobile, or tablet. Whether you’re initiating small or large projects or giving a face lift to an existing design project, the UpConstruction template is swift, uncomplicated, aesthetically pleasing, expertly crafted, and ensures an exceptional user experience.


upconstruction template

FlexStart – Template

FlexStart is a contemporary and innovative website template tailored for individuals and businesses aiming to create websites for software, startups, mobile apps, digital agencies, and other related products and services.

FlexStart is designed to be developer-friendly, featuring clean, lightweight, and well-documented source code. It allows for easy customization, making it suitable for your next project. With a plethora of features, blocks, and sections, developers gain significant flexibility to swiftly create professional websites without any hassle.

FlexStart is a completely responsive template that functions seamlessly on all devices and screen sizes. It is loaded with nearly everything necessary to craft your impressive new website. , FlexStart operates without the need for jQuery.



flexstart template


Nova – Template

Nova is a contemporary, versatile business template designed to meet the needs of consulting agencies, finance firms, advisors, and various other businesses. With its broad applicability, Nova provides you with the complete capability to craft modern business websites for diverse fields, industries, and both personal and professional purposes.

This Template prioritize mobile-friendliness, guaranteeing complete responsiveness. Every feature and page element is fine-tuned for optimal display on tablets and mobile phones. With thoughtfully designed page templates and layouts, Nova provides a visually responsive environment aligned with the latest market standards.



nova template

Presento – Corporate Template

Presento is an up-to-date, imaginative, and sleek HTML corporate template. It is suitable for constructing sophisticated and contemporary corporate websites, homepages for small businesses, app landing pages, startup websites, as well as software and SaaS company sites. It includes all the essential pages and elements needed to create an impressive website effortlessly.

Developing new websites using the Presento Bootstrap template is an effortless and swift process. If you’re looking to launch your website quickly, Presento is undoubtedly an excellent choice and awaits your exploration.


presento template

KnightOne – Template

KnightOne is a business website template based on Bootstrap. It is versatile and suitable for various purposes, such as corporate business websites, marketing, agency sites, mobile apps, software company startups, startup landing pages, and more.

Its clean and modern design, along with numerous features and pre-built sections, KnightOne is an ideal choice to showcase and promote your products or services.



knightone template


Kelly – CV Resume HTML Template

Kelly is a bootstrap template designed for creating professional, clean, flexible, and customizable portfolios, resumes, and CVs. It provides an ideal platform for individuals to showcase their online works. With a sleek, minimal design, it stylishly presents your information while maintaining a professional appearance.

The template is constructed with clean and modern HTML5 + CSS3 code, ensuring ease of customization.



kelly template

Bootslander – Landing Page Template

Bootslander is a sophisticated, contemporary, and user-friendly website landing page template crafted with the Bootstrap framework. This is perfectly suited for app landing pages, software or services promotion, startups and more.

Bootslander offers effortless customization, allowing you to easily tailor it to your specific requirements. The source code and all pages are well-organized and thoroughly commented for your convenience.



boosterlander template

Cleanar – Template

Enhance your online presence for handyman services with Cleanar, a purpose-built website template crafted for craftsmen and service providers. Embodying the theme of ‘Crafting Solutions,’ Cleanar provides a sleek and efficient platform to highlight your skills.

This minimalist template enables visitors to quickly explore your services, expertise, and contact details. Utilizing Cleanar, you have the opportunity to establish a professional online presence that accurately reflects the quality of your handyman services.

Whether it’s repairs or renovations, let ‘Crafting Solutions’ expand your reach, connecting you with clients seeking reliable and skilled handymen. Through Cleanar, build trust, showcase your expertise, and thrive in the digital landscape.


cleaner template



Consulat – Business Consulting Template

A quality consulting HTML template should feature a clean and professional design, ensuring easy navigation and comprehensive inclusion of essential information for potential clients. It’s crucial for the template to be responsive, ensuring a visually appealing presentation on all devices.

If you’re involved in the consulting business, having an excellent business consulting template is essential to kickstart your efforts. While there are various free HTML templates available, it’s crucial to choose one that is user-friendly and easily customizable.



consult template

Hami – Template

Hami stands out as the top Bootstrap web hosting business website template featuring a modern, mobile-ready layout. If you aim to make a powerful impression on visitors and potential clients, Hami is a premier solution to consider.

Its impressive animations, Hami is not only visually appealing but also highly versatile, compatible across browsers, SEO-friendly, and optimized for retina screen devices.

Undoubtedly, Hami will significantly reduce the time and effort required in constructing an impressive website for your web hosting company.


hami template


Onix Template

Onix, a free Bootstrap template, is designed to be responsive. Primarily tailored for SEO and digital marketing websites, Onix boasts an appealing design featuring a harmonious blend of blue and red tones set against a white background.

The incorporation of beautiful liquid shapes enhances the creation of images and background visuals. This one-page template is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly flexible, ensuring compatibility with various web browsers and devices.



onix template

Eduwell Template

Eduwell stands out as a specialized Bootstrap 5 template tailored for educational websites. This versatile CSS3 template is equipped with four distinct HTML demo pages, offering simplicity in both editing and utilization. Despite being a multipage Bootstrap template, the home page seamlessly functions as a one-page layout.

Eduwell is entirely responsive, extending its reach to a broader user base. Users have the flexibility to alter the one-page layout by customizing the home page according to their preferences.

The developer-friendly coding simplifies modifications, while its minimal prerequisites mean that individuals with basic HTML and CSS knowledge can easily utilize this free template without extensive conversion or customization.


edwell template

SnapX Template

This is a photography-themed template exudes a serene visual allure, complemented by a thoughtfully selected color palette. The multipage theme is adorned with fully responsive UI components, including a sticky top navigation bar with a dropdown, a hero header featuring responsive carousels and call-to-action buttons, product carousels, testimonial carousels, on-hover effects, a modal YouTube video player, product cards with on-hover effects, a back-to-top button, a newsletter subscription form UI, a comprehensive footer, breadcrumbs, contact form UI, geolocation, and more.

The theme’s user-friendliness is evident as each component is designed with the end user in mind. Utilizing SnapX ensures a seamless execution of your upcoming web development project.


snipx template

Hexashop Template

Hexashop is a complimentary HTML & CSS template designed for e-commerce websites. Crafted with the Bootstrap 4 framework, this exceptionally innovative and open template features a practical design centered around products, aiming to capture the hearts of every customer.

It incorporates numerous features and assets, such as a split header, sticky navigation bar, dropdown menu bar, attractive hover effects, an email subscription form, pagination, contact form, Google Maps, and more. Additionally, it provides five standard pages, encompassing product listing and product detail pages.


hexashop template


We hope you found our blog post on HTML templates to boost your business website informative and helpful. In today’s competitive online landscape, having a visually appealing and user-friendly website is crucial for success. Our selection of HTML templates provides a range of options to elevate your website design, improve functionality, and enhance the overall user experience. Take your business website to the next level with HTML templates today!

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