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September 1, 2020

Running a blog takes a lot more than just the writing itself. The whole website needs to be taken care of. As someone that isn’t a tech-savvy, it can be intimidating to do all of this by yourself. There are so many fields where you can improve and there is so much information on how to do this. We made a list of the top essential plugins for WordPress bloggers to get you set. With these, you will be able to improve your blog its traffic, performance, but also your own workflow.

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  • Kowsic Sriram
  • Posted by Kowsic Sriram
August 11, 2020

Blogging is a powerful communication tool to build a relationship between business and customers. It not only enhances the relationship but also have a huge impact on the site’s ranking in the search results. WordPress also gives a comment option for the blogs to help readers to share their thoughts and opinion about the blog post.

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